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New sports facilities for the “Citadel of Rugby”, Lucca


Type: Private

Location: Lucca (IT)

Year: 2018

Design: Litote

Budget: 600.000,00 €

Area: 600 sqm

The project addresses the replacement and improvement of the rugby sport facilities located along the river park in Lucca, with the objective of combining the young players' education and growth with the needs of the sports society, respecting the natural, environmental and legislative context.
The project aims to reorganize the entire sports area, including the playgrounds and the changing facilities. In the linear building will take place 4 generous changing rooms, ancillary rooms and a Club House, a collective space where people can spend together the third half. A project conceived to guarantee the continuity of the area and its activities, thanks to a timber modular structure that will be built in phases in order to replace progressively the existing building.
A new “citadel of rugby” in Lucca that can become a way of spreading and learning some important values for future generations, like respect, loyalty and sacrifice, well represented by rugby and sports in general.


1. Clubhouse  2. Office  3. Kitchen  4. Laundry  5. Referee’s changing room  6. Changing room  7. Technical room  8. First-aid  9. Gym

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