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Antepavilion 2020


Type: competition

Location: London, Hoxton Docks

Year: 2020

Design: Litote

Budget: 25.000 £

Celebrated by Loos, Le Corbusier and Aldo Rossi, captured by Bernd and Hilla Becher in their photographs, these giant industrial monuments represent an emblematic example of anonymous architecture: beautiful without pursuing aesthetic purposes, universal and yet extremely site-specific, reflecting the peculiarities of the place. Gas tanks, grain bins, silos, cooling towers, steel mills: with their formal clarity and neutral presence, these buildings - or maybe sculptures - are able to speak to anyone about their function with simplicity and strength at the same time.

The pavilion represents an homage to all anonymous architecture, created spontaneously by the collectivity to satisfy a practical need: living together, producing, cooling, or heating, inhabiting inhospitable places...
A symbolic “thanks” to the vast heritage of anonymous architecture inherited from different communities all around the globe: an example of the great combination of technical knowledge and aesthetic value, beyond regulations and constraints, but driven only by common sense and necessity.



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