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līmĕs | līmĕn

temporary pavilion for Antepavilio 2021 

Type: Private

Location: Hoxton docks (London)

State: competition

Year: 2021

Budget: 25.000 £

A line can mark a separation but also a link between two worlds. The project wants to highlight this possibility, and addresses the creation of a bridge between people, helping them to share ideas, visions, and ambitions, in a place that celebrates diversity and peculiarities. The project is an inhabited “wall” made of small units that are located along the perimeter of the site, creating a point of contact between different realms that are physically separate, but became visually connected. The street, the canal, the roofscape become part of this new environment, a small citadel in the city, a series of individual units, all similar but at the same time all different. Each unit is human-scaled meaning that it can host a single body and therefore becomes the built extension and representation of it.

Each unit’s cladding panels can be personalized and decorated by local artists, students, or anyone eager to find a “white canvas” where to express, communicate and share something. In a time of social distancing of the bodies, these units represent the strong individualism that we are experiencing, in a constant tension towards togetherness and desire to be in the same place sharing a moment. After the pavilion dismantling - forced or not - these units will start their own life, being placed in different spots of London, and serving many different uses. They’ll become a silent yet eloquent landmark of the city.

Reuse, simplicity, and modularity

The base module is made entirely of components taken from the 2019 antepavilion. The proportions and the dimensions of each module are intended to maximize the reuse of the existing available material, avoiding waste as much as possible. The cladding panels as well come from the precedent pavilion ones, and they will be repainted, encouraging a dialogue with the locals in order to define the look of the modules. The assembling of each module involves a simple procedure that doesn't require skilled labor for the construction. The number of modules to be built can change (+/-) as the project develops. The proposal has a number of “standard” modules, and a series of variations, to allow multiple use and functions.

Flexibility and adaptability

The 12 proposed modules can assume different configurations depending on the occasion and the needs of the users. The modules allow maximum flexibility and adaptability, in order to meet different necessities. In particular, the space has a vocation for the following uses:

- local markets;

- outdoor stage for performances;

- work stations;

- celebrations venue;

- art exhibitions;

- school lectures;

- yoga/pilates classes;

- rooftop cinema & bar;

- outdoor reading/meditation space.

The modules are lightweight, therefore they can easily be moved from a position to another. An open central “piazza” creates the focus and the core around which the modules can be gathered


site plan

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