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New school complex "Carracci"

New primary and secondary school in Bologna, Italy


Type: Competition

Location: Bologna (Italy)

Year: 2019

Design: Litote

Budget:  € 4.827.439,00

Area:  3.325,19 sqm


Site plan

The new school complex grows around two main courtyards, arranged on two different levels, separating  and at the same time connecting the primary and secondary cycle. Each class is visually connected both the these spaces and to the outside of the school, becoming a threshold between a more private and protected world and a public one. These open spaces act as the fulcrum of the school life and represent key spaces for the community activities as well. The classes are configured as flexible and easily adaptable spaces in order to adapt to different activities and teaching methods. The communal spaces are located in the central space connecting the two wings: at ground floor, overlooking the lower courtyard, there is a bright multipurpose space, that can be used as a canteen but also as a workshop area. Offices and laboratories are located on the upper floor, facing the roof gardern. All these spaces are linked by generous corridors that act as relational spaces where different activities can take place. The primary and secondary school have a common entrance located at ground floor: this double height space is the main feature of the school, with the agora at ground floor and the library at the upper level. This space invites the students to stop and rest, to meet and to enjoy the space. The gym is located in a higher volume near the site edge, in order to be used by the residents as well out of school hours.

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