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Croydon Cafe Pavilion

New cafe pavilion for the Queen's Gardens


Type: Competition, Shortlisted project

Location: The Queen's Gardens, London Borough of Croydon (UK)

Year: 2018

Design: Elisa Pardini

Budget: £300.000

Area: 180 sqm

The new cafe pavilion grafts into the context in a modest and discreet way, enhancing the connections and relations between the park and the street. Transformation and permanence merge into a new object that seems to have always been where it is, creating a strong sense of belonging to the place. The project follows the poetics of the covered garden, creating an intimate space, a contemporary refuge from the chaos of the city, a city room that frames the green of the park creating a sense of serenity and suspension. The mass that rests on the light glass further creates a sense of protection and a dialogue with the historic building in the backdrop.

Plan - Sunken garden level

1. Cafe entrance and lounge area  2. Cafe  3. Public toilets  4. Toilets  5. Staff WC  6. Storage  7. Kitchen 8. Stairs to street level

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