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Hammersmith Green Line

Reuse and reactivation of a dismissed railway viaduct 


Type: Competition

Location: Hammersmith, London (UK)

Year: 2019

Design: Litote

Area: 2000 sqm


Axonometric view

A new green world in the heart of Hammersmith, where people can relax, work out, stay together, experience good food, enjoy some music, explore the nature and more. The promenade on the viaduct is doubled into a new elevated one, that enables unexpected visual connections and relations with the context, offering the opportunity to create a wide range and variety of uses and spaces at both levels. The promenade pavilions provide different services, from cafés to art galleries, markets, local product shops, connected to the spaces below the arches celebrating this feature and giving new life to the viaduct itself.

The viaduct covered in green and equipped with outdoor gym machines is the perfect place for running and do some open air activities. Along the path there are several public spaces like a open amphitheatre where people can sit and read or simply enjoy the space and that can occasionally host performances and shows, becoming a key entertainment spot in Hammersmith. The new link to the Lyric square creates a strong connection with the public and a visual invitation to the Green High Line

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