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Hourtus conclusus

Refurbishment of historic enclosed garden in Lucca

Type: Private

Location: Lucca (Italy)

State: completed

Year: 2021

Design team: Litote / Agronomist Frascesco Lunardini

Budget: 35.000 €

Area: 800 sqm

The main purpose of the garden redevelopment project is to give back entirely to  the city a garden with a double functionality: a traditionally designed garden enhancing the existing architectural elements (flooring, fountains, masonry with exposed bricks), and a multipurpose space characterized by a lawn with a substrate that well tolerates trampling through stratification of soil with different granulometry. The two partitions are separated by a row of newly planted trees similar to the pre-existing ones. Along the east wall, a pergola with climbing vegetation is planned to offer a shaded area; the pergola will be flanked on both sides by a border of flowering and evergreen bushes. The pergola area will be connected to the main driveway through paths in the reinforced lawn; this choice is dictated by the importance of not interrupting the lawn surface thus also facilitating maintenance operations. The large green area will be bordered and east by a laurel hedge so as to secure the difference in height with the sidewalk at a lower level than the play area. The palms currently present will be repositioned on the sides of the arch-shaped windows so as not to be an obstacle to the view of the arches. A decisive aspect for the success of the redevelopment is to create an efficient drainage system that can flow into the existing rainwater disposal network. The drainage system is also guaranteed by the use of volcanic sands.


Existing - Aerial view

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