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House PC

Refurbishment and extension of a single-family house in the countryside of Lucca

Type: Private

Location: Lucca (Italia)

Status: On site

Year: 2021

Task: concept & detailed design, interior design, principal designer

Consultants: Ing. Andrea De Santi (MEP), Ing. Cristina Mei (Structural)

Budget: 300.000 €

Area: 130 sqm

The project addresses the refurbishment of the existing building and the extension of its volume.
The new volume, which is grafted onto the north and west sides of the existing building, adapts to the different heights of the existing building and follows the morphology of the ground around the house, sloping down from the highest altitude on the south side, where the main entrance is located, and the lowest on the north side. The project intends to seek coherence both with the characters of the place and with the language of the existing building, while maintaining an architectural legibility between old and new, to be seen mainly through a material differentiation between the two. The new volume will in fact be covered in reconstructed stone while the existing building will be treated with a neutral-colored plaster, to enhance the clean and square lines of its façades, typical of its modern architectural language. The more rural character of the new volume, therefore, acts as a counterpoint to the neutral and clean surface of the existing building, and somehow recalls the dry stone walls typical of the area, almost resembling from a distance a masonry terrace, not difficult to see in the olive groves that dot the hill.

1908_Pieve di C.to_Esistente_Pianta PT_210831.jpg



Existing - Ground floor plan

1. Living room   2. Kitchen

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