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House PZ

Rustic apartment renovation in the countryside of Lucca

Type: Private

Location: Lucca (Italy)

State: planning

Year: 2020

Design team: Litote (Architecture), Ing. Andrea De Santi (M&E), Ing. Cristina Mei (Structure)

Budget: 150.000 €

Area: 80 sqm

The project addresses the recovery and renovation of an attic of about 80sqm located inside a two-storey rural building immersed in the Lucca countryside. The building, partly converted into a residential building and partly still used as an agricultural barn, is located in a hilly area with a spectacular view over the city of Lucca. The project, designed for a young couple, has the dual objective of preserving the rural spirit of the original building, and at the same time introducing a more contemporary language capable of creating a dialogue with the existing and enhancing its spatial and material features. . The balance between the old and the new, between tradition and innovation, is the key word of the project. Consolidation works are necessary both on the pitched roof, and on the perimeter walls, characterized by the large "mandolate" openings, the typical perforated brick walls of Tuscan rural buildings, which once served to ventilate the barn. The project intends to keep these elements intact.

The spatial layout tries to make the most of the available area, avoiding the use of hallways and corridors, but enhancing the permeability and fluidity of the space: a single equipped wall, which houses the kitchen inside, divides the sleeping area from the living area, which is organized around the large central island that separates and at the same time unifies the space. The bright open space of the living area is designed as an informal and flexible space where furniture plays a fundamental role in transforming it according to different needs.

1905_Appartamento Pozzuolo_Pianta_Esiste

Existing plan

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