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New primary school in Modigliana



Type: Competition

Location: Modigliana, Forlì-Cesena (IT)

Year: 2018

Design: Litote

Budget: 985.000,00 €

Area: 1100 sqm

The project for the new primary school in Modigliana analyses the relation student-school-city, in order to create a spatial and ideal continuity between them. The building's linear footprint occupies the site along the east-west direction, acting as a connection between the existing school buildings and becoming the fulcrum of the campus. The internal spaces are conceived according to principles of practicality and flexibility, simplicity and rationality. The main entrance is located on the east corner, easily recognizable and accessible from the street, facing the communal "piazza" that connects two different levels of the landscape through the amphitheatre. This space represents an invite for the students to slow down, spend time together, meet and play, taking ownership of the space they inhabit, experiencing it without barriers. The key element of the project is the long "corridor" the connects all the spaces of the school as a spine and acts as a filter between outside and inside. This space is conceived to be experienced not just for the transition from A to B, but as a public place for the collectivity, that the students can use for multipurpose activities, where they can do casual encounters and interact with nature outside.

Ground floor plan

1. Hall  2. Multipurpose space  3. Staff service  4. Changing room  5. Toilets  6. Classroom

7. Canteen  8. Kitchen  9. Storage  10. Courtyard

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