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Survey, analysis campaign and restoration project of the facades of Palazzo Ducale


Type: Public commission

Location: Lucca (Italia)

Status: ongoing

Year: 2021

Task: concept & detailed design, interior design, principal designer

Survey: MLC Associati 

Restoration project: Litote    

Analysis and monitoring campaign: Paolo Cecchettini

The project is in the continuation of the many restoration works and maintenance of Palazzo Ducale, aimed at improving the conditions of usability, accessibility, and visitability of the entire complex by the employees of the offices located internally and by the public. The project has as its primary interest the planning of works and interventions of securing the stone elements, ornaments, and friezes that make up the external facades of the complex. Before proceeding with the definition of an intervention, it is essential to define the causes that have the effects macroscopic alteration, degradation and/or failure of the individual elements. The acquisition on the field of data on the state of conservation, construction techniques, and the real causes of degradation thus becomes a basic operation, a starting point for the procedure to undertake. This objective - meaning the diagnosis - is fundamental in the maintenance of existing structures, since the primary purpose of the intervention is to limitate and slow down the causes responsible for the pathologies of the facade, that, if not treated, can harm public safety.

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