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London, Harringay

Warehouse District



Temporary Pavilion to be built during the London Festival of Architecture


Type: International competition

Location: London, Harringay Warehouse District

Year: 2020

Design: Litote

Budget: 30.000 £

Area: 300 sqm

The pavilion is an interpretation of the key characters of the existing context: the elevation along Eade road recalls the typical shed profile of the warehouse brick buildings and creates a shape that is easily legible and relatable to the warehouse district for the visitors approaching the area. The materiality of the pavilion as well intends to recall the industrial past and the artistic vocation of the present: scaffolding metal pipes for the structure, compressed wooden boards for the floor, PVC panels for the roof, tarpaulin sheets for the rest of the site. The modular system is made of 2x2m units, each with an independent structure that allows arranging different configurations depending on the necessities of the users. The proposed design counts 10 modules, but it can expand and contract as desired: easy to scale and reconfigure. The combination of these modules creates a raised wooden platform, articulated along a spine that runs parallel to Eade road. The pavilion is covered with clear PVC panels that offer shelter from the rain and yet let natural light in. The PVC panels are used as vertical partitions as well, creating a sort of “rooms”, enclosed spaces at the same time open and connected with the surroundings. Around the pavilion, there is a colorful artificial landscape, made of tarpaulin sheets, ideally re-used or recycled. These pieces will be fixed to the ground and lifted in the air to form a faceted geometry that will embrace the pavilion and create a system of squares and passages.



1. Access   2. Coloured tarpaulin sheets   3. Ramped access to the pavilion  

4. OSB boards platform  5. System of squares and passages

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